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Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one of the most important areas in security, as it protects the accounts in your system with elevated access to sensitive assets. 

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In the guide, you'll learn about:


Security, Monitoring & Governance

Features such as password vaulting, smart session monitoring and Just-In-Time (JIT) Privilege.


IT Efficiency

Features such as auto-discovery, user onboarding, single sign-on, behaviour analytics and incident management.
compliance and reporting

Compliance & Reporting

Features such as customised reporting, audit trail logs, analytics reporting tool and compliance standards. 

Product Architecture

An illustration of the components of Arcon's PAM solution.

About Intragen and Arcon

Intragen is the identity-led security advisory and solution implementation partner. Intragen partners with Arcon, the comprehensive solution for Privileged Access Management (PAM), allowing monitoring and management of privileged identities.