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Speed up your IGA implementaiton

What is a Deployment Accelerator?

Pre-built scripts and configuration parameters in Deployment Accelerators enhance platform capabilities, solving common Identity Management challenges. They streamline implementation, save time and resources, and reduce risks associated with custom configurations, improving system supportability.

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User Lifecycle Accelerator

The User Lifecycle Accelerator integrates seamlessly with One Identity Manager to enhance its event-based system capabilities. While One Identity Manager triggers actions based on data changes, the User Lifecycle Accelerator simplifies and extends such functions for scenarios requiring actions at times other than actual data change events.


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Configuration-Driven Tasks

Simplify user lifecycle management with tasks defined through easy-to-use configuration settings, eliminating the need for custom coding.

Scheduled Actions

Automate your workflow by scheduling actions before and after key lifecycle events like start and leaving dates.
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Manager Extensions

Gain real-time visibility and control over upcoming actions and lifecycle tasks with our intuitive manager extensions.

Predefined Tasks

Tackle common Joiner, Mover, and Leaver challenges effortlessly with our set of standard tasks for account management.
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Customize the Accelerator to fit any object type and process, making it a versatile solution for all your lifecycle management needs.

Version Compatibility

Enjoy seamless integration across One Identity Manager versions V6 to V8, ensuring your investment is future-proof.

Data Import Accelerator

The Data Import Accelerator is a specialized component for handling complex change scenarios, supporting data validation, and error management.

Enable codeless data import through a configurable multi-step process. XML-based configuration files dictate the sequence and parameters executed by scripts.

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Data Import

Streamline data ingestion through versatile import options, including CSV files, databases, and 1IM tables, all configurable via XML definitions, thereby reducing manual data entry.

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Robust Data Validation
and Logging

Enhance data integrity and traceability with two-pass imports for threshold checks, comprehensive logging, and automatic data size validation. Can be extended for additional validation.

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Advanced Failure

Ensure uninterrupted data import processes with built-in failure handling mechanisms, including event generation for email alerts and attestation cases for manual approval, offering flexibility and control.


Configurable Import

Facilitate complex data workflows by supporting a sequence of import steps, each configurable through Configuration Parameters. Enriched with pre- & post-execution scripting.

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